Working Models

Working Models

“Preparing People to Help Themselves” Target Groups PARMARTH has beenpreliminary working for poor, marginalized,vulnerable and deprived sections of society in the remote, ravine and drought affected areas of Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh.

The region has been facing multiple vulnerability in which Feudal System, Caste Discrimination, Gender Discrimination, Untouchability, Illiteracy, Poverty, Migration, natural calamities, drought etc are the major factors in the region. The organization works with poorest and most marginalized women, men, girls, boys and socially excluded people.

  •  Equality among the people
  •  Development with Dignity
  •  Commitment, Courage & Conviction
  •  Transparency & Accountability

Legal Status

The organization is registered under the Society Registration Act of 1860; having FCRA certification. It has also been registered under sections 12 (A) and 80 (G).

Annual Turnover

The Parmarth has been executing projects amounting more than 4 crore for last three years.

Key Strategy

  •  Mobilizing & organizing community group with focus on Dalits / Adivasi Women
  •  Knowledge building and strengthening capabilities
  •  Model demonstration and its replication through socially excluded groups with focus on women
  •  Convergence and Sector Institutional Engagement
  •  Public Engagement and Campaigning
  •  Policy Advocacy

Strategic Focus

  •  Integrated Water Resource Management
  •  Agriculture & livelihood Promotion
  •  Water & Sanitation Rights with gender & inclusion perspective
  •  Women and Girls’ rights
  •  Education (with special focus on Dalits / Adivasi & girls Children)
  •  HIV & AIDS – Health & Nutrition
Women Empowerment