Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

To contribute in building a society where all people can gain access to basic amenities such as education, health care, water & sanitation and livelihood opportunities and where all people can realize their full potential.

Capacity building and empowerment of deprived and vulnerable communities, improve access to and quality of public services in the prioritized service sectors for marginalized communities, specifically Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) and with a strong and cross cutting focus on gender.


  •  Equality among the people
  •  Development with Dignity
  •  Commitment, Courage & Conviction
  •  Transparency & Accountability

Right to Food, Work and Livelihood

More than 800 families have been able to meet their food grain needs of 03 months distress period through 63 grain bank, which helped them in securing their food security to 06 to 09 months duration. 260 poor farmers have received timely & quality seeds through formation of 30 seed banks by the organization. The organization has been strengthening community leadership, empowering them and enhancing their awareness on available government schemes particularly on MGNREGA. The success of community leadership and MANREGA MAZDOOR UNION of Job Card Holders has been evident by the local level collective action and advocacy initiatives in achieving access to MGNREGA. 10000 people allocated job card, 20000 people allocated jobs for the period of 60-70 days in one financial year.