Projects and Programmes

The PARMARTH has been implimenting following projected in the filed.

Improving access to safe drinking water through solar disinfection with WADI (IND 1373)
  • Supporting Agency : Welthungerheilfe and Viva Con Agua
  • 01 Apr,2020

The project will combine the programs and activities as well as technological innovation and expertise of Welthungerhilfe India and the Social Enterprise HELIOZ. Families will be trained in the method of Solar Water Disinfection with WADI and important hygiene measures for disease prevention, starting with district fellows and key stakeholder groups of the Jal Saheli/Jal Yodhas programme as well as panchayat members. The project is to be supported through awareness-raising activities (support mass campaign, development and distribution of IEC materials) and strong collaboration and integration of local stakeholders)

Project Prabhat - Sumerpur/Etah/Chhindwara
  • Supporting Agency : Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) Foundation
  • 02 Mar,2019

Project Prabhat focuses on engaging with and contributing to the rural communities around Hindustan Unilever Limited

Community Kitchen Garden
  • Supporting Agency : Save Indian Farmers ( SIF)
  • 01 Apr,2019

Parmarth, with support from Save Indian Farmers established community kitchens in 3 villages namely Panchampura, Kaudia & Jagatnagar of Jatara Block in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. Grains, flour vegetables, oil and spices were provided at these community kitchens through SIF, and the villagers gathered to cook and eat together twice a day. Processes for running and managing the community kitchen were setup such that community members work in the preparation of meal as well as managing the fuel wood.

Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP
  • Supporting Agency : Rajeev Gandhi Watershed Mission
  • 01 Jan,2011

Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP-07) is being implemented in 8 villages of Buxwaha block of Chhatarpur district, Madhya Pradesh to restore the ecological balance by harnessing, conserving and developing degraded natural resources such as soil, vegetative cover and water.

Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP- 17)
  • Supporting Agency : Rajeev Gandhi Watershed Mission
  • 01 Jan,2011

IWMP is being implemented in 10 villages of Bijawar block of Chhatarpur district, Madhya Pradesh to restore the ecological balance by harnessing, conserving and developing degraded natural resources such as soil, vegetative cover and water

Health Camp & Kitchen Garden
  • Supporting Agency : Partner: Save Indian Farmers (SIF)
  • 02 Feb,2016

The aim of the health camps is to promote wellness-seeking behaviour in the long term by build awareness regarding food and nutritional security.

Creating livelihood adaptation under drought, Phase I, II & III
  • Supporting Agency : IGSSS
  • 01 Jul,2016

This programme aims at reducing the effect of drought, hunger and food insecurities by building drought resilient communities in Bundelkhand region. (UP and MP). This project has successfully demonstrated the models for building resilience, soil and water conservation measures, promote drought resilient crops, develop common property resources, increase food and nutrition security and promote integrated farming practices.

Tribal Development Fund, WADI II
  • Supporting Agency : NABARD
  • 02 Jul,2017

This project focused on tribal development and sustainable livelihoods through orchard-based farming systems and related activities in Lalitpur District. Within Pamarth

Target Intervention
  • Supporting Agency : UPSACS
  • 01 Apr,2014

The target intervention is initiated in Orai city of District Jalaun to reduce the HIV/STI/AIDS incidences among the High Risk Group through bringing them to social mainstreaming. The project has been intervening with 250 FSWs & 300 IDUs. PSSS is providing STI examination and counseling services, referring the target communities in the project area to the existing government and private facilities for STI management.

Watershed Development Fund
  • Supporting Agency : NABARD
  • 01 Mar,2018

Watershed Development Fund (WDF) project has been carried out by in Alipur, Bharsuda & Thurat villages of Jalaun district for Improving quality of lives through protection and conservation of Natural Resources.

Reducing the Vulnerabilities of Marginalized communities through Water conservation and management Measures
  • Supporting Agency : Asia Initiative
  • 01 Jan,2019

Formation of Pani panchayat, construction of check dams, outlets, bore well recharge structures, field demo of improved agriculture practices, training of farmers, convergence meetings Objective of the Project ? To reduce water scarcity in the proposed areas through promotion of measures related to artificial ground water recharge and construction and management of water harvesting structures. ? To promote improved and sustainable agriculture practices and cropping pattern through measures of agri water efficiency Impact ? The project has helped 143 families of 03 villages directly to have water for irrigation that will help them to cultivate crops and to increase their income. ? It has supported 252 families indirectly and benefitted 449 acres of land also ? It has also supported 54 women to be engaged as Pani Panchayat members and capacitated their skills for mobilization and leadership. ? SoCC as a community currency for social good is established among the communities and the community learnt the importance of SoCC that-

Micro Credit for Goat Rearing in Bundelkhand Region
  • Supporting Agency : Asia Initiative
  • 01 Jan,2019

SHG monthly meetings, technical training on goat rearing, market survey for purchasing of goats, health camps for goats, distribution of goats to beneficiaries, reproductive health sessions, health camps Objective of the Project ? Annual income enhanced of 100 target women by Rs 8000/- ? Reduced drudgery and enhanced life quality ? Women friend great business establishment Impact ? This projectt has helped 70 women to have a livelihood option which will enhance their income and also will improve life quality. ? Owing to social action initiatives and liaising with government departments, 23 beneficiaries were registered under PradhanMantri Suraksha Beema Yojna. 10 women beneficiaries were linked with widow pension and Ujjwala yojna, 20 farmers were linked with Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna. Besides 10 toilets were constructed in Rajpur and Kadesra villages ? The beneficiaries received goats after redeeming the SoCC credits and it helped the community to understand that SoCC is a community currency for social good is established among the communities and the community learnt the importance of SoCC

WADI project (Lalitpur)
  • Supporting Agency : NABARD
  • 01 Mar,2017

WADI project has been implementing in Talbehat block of District Lalitpur with 1100 tribal families to bring about perceivable improvement in every sphere of tribal life and increase the income and living standards and to help to bring above thre poverty line. This project is mainly based on Horticulture promotion, Natural Resource Management, Livelihood and women development.

Jal Samradhhi
  • Supporting Agency : Hindustan Unilever Foundation
  • 13 Dec,2013

Jal Samradhhi project is being implemented

Establishing women
  • Supporting Agency : European Union
  • 01 Jun,2016

The project succesfully implementing in 60 panchayats of Lalitpur, Jalaun & Hamirpur district of Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh to ensure drinking water security to all villages on a sustainable basis; promote women

Integrated Water Resources Management for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable development
  • Supporting Agency : Welthungerhilfe
  • 01 Jun,2016

The organization is implementing IWRM project in 20 panchayats of Teekamgarh & Chhatarpur district of Bunekhand region in Madhya Pradesh for Developing models of Improved Water management practices and Establishing processes and mechanisms for community management and ownership of water resources.