Ganga is the foundation of Indian faith we all have to make it continuous and clean

Ganga is the foundation of Indian faith we all have to make it continuous and clean

Ganga is the foundation of Indian faith, we all have to make it continuous and clean

Ganga conference was organized on 4 February at Manwalkar Bhavan, Delhi, which was presided over by Murali Manohar Joshi and presided over by the water man of India Dr. Rajendra Singh as the chief guest.

Dr. Murali Manohar Joshi, who was present as the chief guest at the conference, said, "Is the Aadhar card also needed for protection of Ganga?". There is a need to work holistically to make it continuous. Today, there is a need for goodwill treatment with Ganga, not GDP and development.

      U.K. Chaudhary came from Banaras. He said that there is a need to save the Ganga river. The amount of oxygen in its water is the highest and today the problem of silt in it has become huge. Banaras can be seen as an example for the avidity and cleanliness of the Ganges.

Kishore Upadhyay, who came from Uttarakhand, said that Ganga's avidity is necessary, so I had suggested to the government about the Tehri Dam that if the Ganga's avidity and cleanliness are to be ensured, then the blockage in the Ganga stream will have to be reduced.

       Pro. Ramaker Jha said that whenever you stop the water, it starts gathering and spoiling in one place. Therefore it is important to keep the mother Ganga flowing. Just like the important part of the body is our peak part. It is necessary to be good and healthy because the whole body moves from it. Similarly, any activity at the crest of river Ganga affects the entire Ganges.

Rajya Sabha MP Shri Revathi Raman Singh said that Ganga has become more polluted than one level. This requires a mass campaign. He invited water man of india to come to Prayag to start this mass campaign.

             Nalanda MP Shri Kaushalendra Kumar said that the Chief Minister of Bihar and the entire people of Bihar are with him for the unshakably of Ganga. The Government of India must take an immediate decision, keeping in view the demands of the campaign.

        Presiding over the program, water man of India Rajendra Singh said that all the people coming from 22 states should perform Ganga Satyagraha in their respective states for the freedom of mother Ganga.


He said that we, the people of India, organized for the independence of our mother Ganga, today announced in Delhi that the mother Ganga will do the work of consciousness for the avidity and cleanliness.

Ganga devotees from 22 states from all over the country took the following five decisions at the Ganga conference-

1. Ganges is the basis of Indian faith. It is the responsibility of the Government of India to protect its environment as the Government of India has declared it a national river and it is their responsibility to monitor and conserve and manage it under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister.

2. Everyone believes that Ganga is the symbol of an entire cultural civilization. Without its environmental flow, it would not be possible to preserve any flow of spiritual, social and economic and Indian life.

3. The avidity and cleanliness of the Ganges is not possible without the environmental flow of Ganga. First, the avidity of the Ganges is ensured, then there will be cleanliness.

4. The land of Ganga should be ensured only for Ganga , no dirty drains are found in the Ganges, Ganga nectar should flow in the Ganges and there should be no mining on the Ganga land.

5. It is futile to imagine the cleanness of the Ganges without avidity. The Ganga River Basin Management Plan 2015 dedicated to this fact by scientists also accepts. The government and society should together make meaningful efforts in this direction.