भूजल सप्ताह के अवसर पर राज्य स्तरीय समारोह

भूजल सप्ताह के अवसर पर राज्य स्तरीय समारोह Event Date: 22-07-2017

On dated 22 July 2017, Water man of India, Rajendra Singh and the Secretary of Parmarth Samaj Sevi Sansthan & National convener of Jal Jan Jodo Abhiyan Mr. Sanjay Singh Addressed the Conference organized by the Department of Ground water, UP at Indira Gandhi Foundation, Lucknow on the eve of Ground water week. Where Minor Irrigation & Ground Water Minister Prof. Baghela were present. Water man of India stated that Ground water should not be overexploited and it is needed to take initiative to recharge ground water to protect our future. Mr. Sanjay Singh describes how to recharge Ground water and reduce exploitation of ground water through efficient water use and how Parmarth is working in this regards in 500 villages of Bundelkhand with the active participation of & Jal saheli.

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