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रसोई घर बाग या आंगनबाडी

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  • Yatra

बुन्देलखण्ड सूखा मुक्ति चेतना यात्रा दिनांक 26 मई से 04 जून 2018

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Dialogue with Social activist and Civil Society Organization

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  • Sharmdaan

कनेरा नदी जिला झाँसी में सामुदायिक श्रमदान

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International Women's Day- Jal Saheli Sammelon

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  • WWD
  • Awareness Rally
  • Water Conservation Awareness Drive #Bundelkhand

World Water Day Celebration

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भूजल सप्ताह के अवसर पर राज्य स्तरीय समारोह

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Awareness Drive , Plantation, Dialogue with CSOs on the occasion of Ground Water Week

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Rally & Exhibition on the occasion of Ground Water Week

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Recognition of Efforts undertaken by Parmarth

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Jal Jan Jodo Abhiyan making serious effort with the help of rural cadres and CBOs CSOs representatives to conserve every drop of water in Bundelkhand region

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